Operations and Activity

Gaedeke Energy owns operated and non-operated interests in properties throughout the U.S. and we are actively seeking new investment opportunities. We are not limited to geographic location and actively seeks opportunities throughout the entire United States. When investing in non-operated assets, Gaedeke Energy looks for seasoned operating professionals with a proven track record.

Williston Basin

Growing Bakken Production

Gaedeke has a growing non-operated leasehold position in the core of the Bakken and Three Forks play.  With operators increasingly moving towards development drilling and multi-well pads, production rates are increasing while costs are falling. The Williston will be a key area of growth for Gaedeke Energy for many years.

Permian Basin Area

Boosting Production in Runnels County

In 2009, Gaedeke Oil and Gas Operating acquired a 90% operated working interest in a 9 well field.  After a program of development drilling and recompletions, production has increased by 40% on a well-by-well basis.

Delaware Basin Horizontal Program

With its partners, Gaedeke Energy is drilling horizontal wells to exploit the Bone Spring Formation.  Characterized by stacked reservoirs and multiple horizontal targets, the area is receiving intense industry focus.

Hardeman Basin

Exploration in the Hardeman Basin

Exploratory drilling has commenced in the Hardeman Basin liquids-rich fairway, which extends from Oklahoma into Texas.

Horizontal Drilling in Conley Field

Acquired in 2006, Gaedeke Energy’s non-operated interests at Conley Field are being developed with horizontal wells to access undrained compartments in the Chappel Lime reservoir.  After the first phase of horizontal wells, the field’s oil production has tripled.

Fort Worth Basin

Growing the Bartonville Pipeline

When Gaedeke Energy purchased this gas-gathering pipeline system, there were 6 producing gas wells. Today, the system has grown to encompass 20 producing wells in the Barnett Shale gas play and now includes the Copper Canyon Pipeline, lending further potential for expansion and enhanced operational efficiencies.

Anadarko Basin

Expanding the SCOOP

Gaedeke is acquiring acreage in the South Central Oklahoma Oil Play.