Gaedeke Energy is well capitalized and unconstrained by typical investment parameters — giving us the flexibility to close large transactions quickly.

While there is no standardized criteria for potential acquisitions, Gaedeke Energy takes the following factors into consideration:

  • Demonstrated success and equity participation by the management team
  • Clearly identifiable production-growth opportunities
  • Positive EBITDA prior to the infusion of growth capitalProduction operations in North America


At Gaedeke Energy, we’re not just investors — with seasoned geologists, land managers, and other longtime oil and gas professionals on staff, we combine scientific insight with financial resources to undertake exploration initiatives with high potential.

Alternative Energy

The development of renewable energy is vitally important to both the environment and the global economy.  It won’t be long before processes and infrastructure are in place to make alternative energy a cost effective alternative to oil and gas.

To present investment, acquisition, or exploration proposals, please contact David Myers, President of Gaedeke Energy, at